Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Budget Friendly Homeshooling Tips - part 2

Homeschool Curriculum can cost a family anywhere from
hundreds to thousands of dollars every year.

Over the years, I have learned a few  budget friendly 
tips that have helped us with our homeschooling cost.

Today I would like to share some more 
budget friendly tips with you. This is part two of my budget
friendly homeschooling tips.
(You can read part one here.)

Save those work-text, activity books and reuse them

You may be wondering about this tip.   I have had my girls write the answers on a piece of  paper.  Buying paper is much
cheaper than spending seven dollars or more for that 
same book next year.. or a few years from now when 
your youngest will need it.  I do the same thing
with the tests and quiz books.

Stock up your supplies during those back to school sale!

This tip is one that we all know... I get so excited when 
I walk into my local Walmart and see them stocking selves of 
school supplies.   I stock up! I buy what I know I will use
during the school year.... tons of paper! 

Free online Curriculum

There's  many free curriculum out on the web.   Take advantage
of them. 
I have been working on a list of some cool sites that I will 
list  on this blog this week...  
Make your own Manipulatives 

My pastor's wife (a veteran homeschool mom) gave me and a few of our homeschool fellowship ladies this great tip.
You can make a manipulative anything from flannel to legos!
Get creative and make your own!

and lastly 

Use your local Library

You would be surprised at all you can find at the Library.

Happy Homeschooling!

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