Monday, October 26, 2009

A yucky Monday = NO SChool

This morning I woke up to a very glummy day. We had a busy weekend so I did not get to writing my plans for this week. I was just going to take the morning and write out my assignment sheets out , and then we would start school. HAh, that did not happen. It started storming outside and I just did not get to finish it all before my husband came home.
What started out in my mind as a late start to school ended up with no school at all today. Hopefully tomorrow we will be back to our regular scheduled programing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Report cards

First quarter report cards went out yesterday. Here is how they did.

7th grader:

math 87
english 80
spelling 91
lit. 98
science 80
history 90
bible 94

3rd grader:
mathe 91
english 87
spelling 93
history 96
science 93
reading com. 98

I am very proud of them, there is some room for improvement, but that is always the case!

teacher or mom

I just wanted to sare this devotional that I recieved the other day.

Teacher or Mom
Saturday / October 10, 2009

As much as I enjoyed homeschooling my children, there were days when I longed to be only a mother. Moms have the fun job of displaying tenderness by kissing away hurts and telling their children they are wonderful, but God had an additional task for me. He also wanted me to be my children's school teacher. I had to take out the red pen and correct their papers to challenge them to study harder. Finding loving ways to critique their work and push them was not always easy. My children were forced to respect and relate to me both as mother and teacher.

I feared this dual role would create an emotional distance between my children and me. As the homeschooling years went on, I realized those fears were unfounded. The relationship I had with my children as mother gave me opportunities to minister to their personal issues and concerns. The relationship I had as their teacher provided moments for counseling college and career choices, editing job resumes, and more. I became the resource my children went to first when they needed help, and we grew even closer.

God's multiple roles in our Christian walk amaze me, too. He is our loving Abba Father, Savior, best friend, and Holy God. He commands our fear, devotion, love, and respect — all the while teaching us to grow closer to Him. He is the first person we should run to for our needs. He is both a gentle Shepherd and a jealous God who loves us with passionate, unconditional love. Praise Him today for being your heavenly Father and all you need!

Heavenly Father, thank You for the many ways You bless me each day! I worship You as my Holy God, adore You as my Father, thank You for being my Savior, and treasure You as my friend. Help me to enjoy Your love today and walk in the blessings You provide. In Jesus' name, Amen

Friday, October 9, 2009

School update

What has been going on this week? Hummmmmm, well I have been asked to pre school a little girl. They have been after me for weeks. I have decided to and the extra income will be nice. The girls are excited, but I am worried about how my day will go, working with 3 children.

Janelle has finished her first lit book, Anna of Green Gables. In the beginning, she did not like the book. As she began reading it, she could not stop! She finished the book 2 weeks ahead of time! Whooooo! She loved the book and now I am letting her watch the movie. Unto the the next book.

Kalyn is doing great. She is doing better in spelling since I have changed her spelling curr. The Last 2 weeks she has made 100's on spelling. Her reading has improved, she really loves her history reader.

Well, that is all the happenings from this week. Report cards come out in 2 weeks!!! Truth time for me, (wonder how I did teaching them this quarter).

Until next week,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

With the First Quater almost over......

I am wondering what to do with the girls as a celebration. The girls have been working very hard and I would like to reward them. I would love to take them to a museum as a field trip this year. Maybe the museum and then dinner somewhere would be a great way to end the first quarter. With only two more weeks before the end, I better start planning!
Now on to what has been happening around here lately. We had too much excitement around here Thursday night, that when Friday morning came around we decided to take the day off and go shopping! We need to get away ( and go out of town). Small town life is suppose to be boring! Not here! AN old explosive box was found Thursday evening in the Public school (that is right in our back yard). With bomb squads, police and fire out and camping in our front yard, we were asked to leave for our safety. Of course we would leave, who knows what else was in there. well, we were able to get home again after midnight and tryed to go to bed, but who can when they are still out side walking around and had huge flood lights shinning in your windows....needless to say a shopping trip was what we needed Friday.
We had fun and found great deals on things , so all is well.

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