Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Fun filled Weekend

We spent the Holiday weekend with family and friends.
The scenery was so beautiful, I just had to share!

 The girls at the beginning of the tail.

 The Water fall... with not much water falling!


 More Scenery!

Kalyn by the creek... 

 We even were able to have a boat ride...   

Kalyn was able to drive the boat... she had a blast! 

A lonely duck...

The summer has begun!

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Pursuit of Lucy Banning: A book Review

I have another book for you to add to your
summer's reading list.

The Pursuit of Lucy Banning by Olivia Newport

Lucy Banning comes from a rich well to do family.
A family that thinks a lady does not need to be
socializing with people outside of their social rank.

But, Lucy has a passion to help those in need.
She also loves art...

She does not want to turn out to be one of those wives that
just sit around and spend money... she
wants to make her own choices... something that
is proving to be difficult.
She starts college.... unknowing to her family.
She meets Will, a young architect... who will
change her life forever!

This is a great story... filled with intrigue and romance.

*This book is available at your local retailer*

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hiking Through: Review

A life-changing journey begins with a single step
After Paul Stutzman lost his wife to breast cancer, he sensed a tug on his heart--the call to a challenge, the call to pursue a dream. With a mixture of dread and determination, Paul left his job, traveled to Georgia, and took his first steps on the Appalachian Trail. What he learned during the next four and a half months changed his life--and can change yours as well.
In Hiking Through, you'll join Paul on his remarkable 2,176-mile trip through fourteen states in search of peace and a renewed sense of purpose. Along the way, you'll meet fascinating and funny people, experience trail magic, and discover that every choice we make on the path has consequences for the journey. More than that, you'll come away with a new understanding of God's grace and guidance--even in the smallest things.

I did not know what to expect when I began reading Hiking Through.
I think I cried during the first few pages....
The story begins with so much sorrow.
The more I read, the more I understood why 
Paul felt the need to take this journey.
I enjoyed reading about the friends he met while on the trail.
I even had a history lesson on the AT.
A great uplifting book, for anyone!

Happy Reading!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beginning of the Adventure

If you have been thinking about homeschooling,
you may be very confused or even overwhelmed
by it all.

At the beginning of any adventure, you must have
a plan of some sort.

If you are going on an extended hike, you must plan
your  hike.  You must have the necessary equipment
to have a successful trip.

Its the same way in homeschooling...

Do you know how long you plan to be on this adventure?

What proper equipment will you need?

What goals do you want to accomplish while homeschooling?

Having a plan is only the beginning of your

Few tips for making your plan...

1.  Make sure you know your state's homeschool laws.

Each state has different laws dealing with homeschooling... so
learn your state's rules and regulations for homeschooling.
2.  Decide when or at what age, you want to begin.
Some parents begin homeschooling at pre k age.. 3 or 4 yrs old.
Some parents wait until their child is 5 yrs old to begin..
You decide when you feel your child is ready to begin
this adventure with you.
 If your child is already in school... do you want them
to finish the year out...or begin now?

3. Decide on your curriculum

With so many different curriculum to choose from, this can
be the most difficult step.
Some choose boxed curriculum, some like planning and
making there own. 
My tip is to read reviews others have written. 
Try one out, if it does not work for your family, than
search for another one.
I can tell you that I have been though a few different curriculum before I found what my girls excelled at.

4. Begin making a schedule

I always find it easier if we have a schedule. 
 Making and sticking with a schedule will make your
homeschooling days much easier.

There will be some days when things will not go
as planned... even with your schedule.
Don't stress.. just keep trying.

5. Lesson Plans

Write out lesson plans!  It helps keep you organized.
Make list of things you want to do and accomplish
for the day, week, month...
If there are games, websites, etc that you want
to play or visit.. list it...
Writing lesson plans will help you remember all
those fun things you want to do..
and your child will not get bored...since you are
organized and you have everything you need for the day or even week.

 This is just the beginning of your

Happy Homeschooling!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway winner!

Congratulation's Sarah...

You have won our Mother's day giveaway!

Happy Mother's day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The hub of our home...

The Hub of our homes.

Last week I was having a conversation with my sister in law, and this topic came up.

I thought... hummm

The hub of our homes are the places we gather
to visit and interact with each other.

I wondered.... where does my friends and their families
gather at... is it the living room,
kitchen, or the dinning room?

So I decided to ask some of my friends, where is their gathering place?

Some stated that its where ever they are... everyone gathers there.

Some said... wherever the food is!

Our family tends to gather in the living room.

I have precious memories of my girls learning how to walk
in our living room.  Memories of how trashed
my living room was because the girl's toys were
scattered  all about. 

Even now, we tend to gather and conduct "school"
in our living room. 

The hub of our home is important.

Interacting as a family, builds strong family

It's important for our children, teens, and even our
young adults.

Like the old saying goes, a family that plays
together stays together....

No matter where the hub of your home is..
remember to use it to build a
strong family core!

Build memories!

And... most of all

Make sure your family knows that they are loved.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway

Mother's Day Giveaway

Mother's day is fast approaching...

In honor of all you Mom's out there, I am 
hosting a giveaway!

Its nothing big, but something cute, and usable.

A Set of two  reusable shopping bags.
(one large and one small)

They are made of high quality cotton material.

They are easy wash... great for the grocery store.

I have found multiply ways to use these bags.

These bags are handmade by me! 

It's my way of saying thank you to all of the great
mother's who do so much for your children.

I hope you enter and enjoy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Planning, Planners, and Organizing

Planning, Planners, and Organizing 

Planning your school year takes organization.... takes a great planner, and  time. 

Organization is not my best quality.  
OK, I admitted it...  I feel so much better now!

Planners are a homeschool parents best friend ...
but if your like me... I have had my issues with them.

I have used computer programs like  Homeschool Tracker, tried those purchased planners... but they just didn't work for me.
This year I found a planner that worked for me...
My own custom made planner!
Planning the new year was a huge issue for me... so 
I came up with:
Making a year at a glance spreadsheet.
Last summer, I sat down each day and worked on a 
year at a glance spreadsheet using Excel.  Really what
I did was just quickly divided up our lessons into 
weeks and days of the week...
Year at a glance (this is 5th grades, History and Science)
I then printed it off and placed in my binder.
This has made it so easy to plan each week during the school year.

I found a great  pages to add to my planner.

This site has great planner pages.  I just
picked what would work for me and then printed them out.
(btw, they have a great four year high school planning 

I purchased a 3 inch binder...
and added these pages:

A School year calender with holidays 
A copy of Newbeehomeschooler's attendance form
A copy of each girl's year at a glance.
A grading sheet for each girl... to log grades on. 
Janelle's four year high school plan.
A copy of each girl's weekly goal chart I give the at the beginning 
of each week.
  Lastly, I add a copy of their report cards to it. 

I call it a growing planner... since I add pages though out the year.

I really like this system that I have created.
It has made it very easy to keep the girls
on schedule  this year.  
The best thing... is that everything is so organized.
(a huge plus for me!)

What type of planning do you do? How do you keep it organized?
Do you make your own planner like me or do you purchase

I would love to hear from you...

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