Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Planning, Planners, and Organizing

Planning, Planners, and Organizing 

Planning your school year takes organization.... takes a great planner, and  time. 

Organization is not my best quality.  
OK, I admitted it...  I feel so much better now!

Planners are a homeschool parents best friend ...
but if your like me... I have had my issues with them.

I have used computer programs like  Homeschool Tracker, tried those purchased planners... but they just didn't work for me.
This year I found a planner that worked for me...
My own custom made planner!
Planning the new year was a huge issue for me... so 
I came up with:
Making a year at a glance spreadsheet.
Last summer, I sat down each day and worked on a 
year at a glance spreadsheet using Excel.  Really what
I did was just quickly divided up our lessons into 
weeks and days of the week...
Year at a glance (this is 5th grades, History and Science)
I then printed it off and placed in my binder.
This has made it so easy to plan each week during the school year.

I found a great  pages to add to my planner.

This site has great planner pages.  I just
picked what would work for me and then printed them out.
(btw, they have a great four year high school planning 

I purchased a 3 inch binder...
and added these pages:

A School year calender with holidays 
A copy of Newbeehomeschooler's attendance form
A copy of each girl's year at a glance.
A grading sheet for each girl... to log grades on. 
Janelle's four year high school plan.
A copy of each girl's weekly goal chart I give the at the beginning 
of each week.
  Lastly, I add a copy of their report cards to it. 

I call it a growing planner... since I add pages though out the year.

I really like this system that I have created.
It has made it very easy to keep the girls
on schedule  this year.  
The best thing... is that everything is so organized.
(a huge plus for me!)

What type of planning do you do? How do you keep it organized?
Do you make your own planner like me or do you purchase

I would love to hear from you...


  1. I am so lost at homeschooling. I want to start with my three year old and I have no idea where to start. Any tips for me? Email me at ditto.ashley@yahoo.com

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