Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The hub of our home...

The Hub of our homes.

Last week I was having a conversation with my sister in law, and this topic came up.

I thought... hummm

The hub of our homes are the places we gather
to visit and interact with each other.

I wondered.... where does my friends and their families
gather at... is it the living room,
kitchen, or the dinning room?

So I decided to ask some of my friends, where is their gathering place?

Some stated that its where ever they are... everyone gathers there.

Some said... wherever the food is!

Our family tends to gather in the living room.

I have precious memories of my girls learning how to walk
in our living room.  Memories of how trashed
my living room was because the girl's toys were
scattered  all about. 

Even now, we tend to gather and conduct "school"
in our living room. 

The hub of our home is important.

Interacting as a family, builds strong family

It's important for our children, teens, and even our
young adults.

Like the old saying goes, a family that plays
together stays together....

No matter where the hub of your home is..
remember to use it to build a
strong family core!

Build memories!

And... most of all

Make sure your family knows that they are loved.

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