Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taco Rice Skillet Meal

Tonight I made Taco Rice Skillet Meal by Mixes form the Heartland. What can I say, easy, easy, easy. It took no time at all. Everyone in the house loved it. I would say that you could use chicken and sausage instead of hamburger meat. Great variety with a delicious mix. Great product, you will not be disappointed.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Songs of Deliverance Book Review

Songs of Deliverance by Marilynn Griffith

Meet Zeely, Brian, Ron, and Grace. All of them come back to the small town they grew up with baggage. Their lives are intertwined with things form the past and present. One thing that plauges them, can they get over the past and get on with thier lives?

I read the first paragraph, and said wait a minute did I miss the begaining. The story starts with a bang! At first I thought I missed something, but no. There is no setting a stage, you start from what you would think is the middle. I was a little confused, but after reading the first couple of pages, I was into the story. Do you want a story with lots of drama? Pick this book! It has drama! One page I was laughing, the next crying. I really enjoyed reading this book. I believe you will too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mixes form the Heartland review

I recently had the chance to try Mixes form the Heartland Products. I made the Harvest Chicken-n- rice soup. I used there can chicken(Texas Goober Gourmet Heat and serve Chicken). Now every time I open a can of canned chicken, their is always a taste. You know from the can taste. Not this time! Wow, the chicken tasted like it was freshly boiled. The soup tasted great and was easy to prepare. It only took me 20 min. to have dinner on the table. I have a family of picky eaters, but they came back for 2nds and 3rds! The Mix comes with everything you need to make you soup, all you have to do is add the chicken. If you do like I did , it is easy as pie. The soup mix makes a lot, so no need to worry about it not feeding all in the family. The only thing I will say is that if you want a soup with lots of juice, you may want to add more water. But that is just my opinion. I loved this product and I can wait to try more. Take a look at their site : you will find great products that are healthy for you and your family with out all the extra preservatives and gluten's. If you want to eat healthy but want some fast and easy mixes give them a try. You will not be sorry. Shelby

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Coulples Busy Guide to sharing the work and the Joy Book Review

The word is Busy! We are all busy, no matter if you work a job outside the home, or you homeschool like me. My life has just seemed to get busier and busier. When this book came up for review, I jumped at the chance to read it. What a great book! It is packed with helpful, easy solutions for the stressed out, overworked mom who just needs some extra help with managing things on the home front. Sure my hubby helps me out around here, but I could always use the extra help.
This book is packed with step by step things to do to help you become less stressed with the things that can stress a mom and your family out. I for one really enjoyed the stress management worksheet.... boy did I ever know that I was (and still am) stressed. Your family is affected when you and your spouse can't agree on how the home should be kept. This book will help. I have enjoyed it and I am planning to read it again.
By the way, I get nothing for writing this review, just the pleasure of reading this book.

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