Monday, August 31, 2009

Beginning of week 3 How many More to go??

We are at the beginning of week 3 of this school year, but I am wondering how many more do we have left to go? :(

Today we were all dragging. NO one wanted to get out of bed. No one wanted to eat breakfest. No one wanted to get dressed. NO one wanted to do any type of school work. NO one wanted to do anything.
Looking at what I just typed: I think this is pretty funny! It was just one of those Mondays!
Well I can say 2 weeks down and 34 to go! Hahahahaha I do love homeschooling!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beautiful Show in the Sky

As we drove home last evening, we were greeted with a beautiful show in the sky. The sky shown wonderful flashes of lights. We could see them for miles and miles. My hubby decided that he needed pictures of it. So he took out his cell phone, while driving, and started to try to capture the show. My daughter states that her phone viv camera could take better pictures, so we we go with two trying to take pictures, and me holding the wheel from the passager side, just in case hubby gets side track with the lights. Wait could it be!! RAIN hitting the windshield. I have completely forgot what that looks like. Yes, it is rain. Wow! Now we are driving in the rain still trying to capture the beautiful show of lights in the sky. I know crazy!! But what can you say, it has been so long since we have seen lights in the sky, and rain. Hubby finally captures one picture and whooo, now we can concentrate on the road. DD has long ago given up on getting a good picture. By now, it is raining so hard that hubby is driving slow, (50mph) and I am in awe at all the water that has gathered on the side of the road. It seemed to just come form nowhere! As we enter the edge of town, we notice that water has covered all of the road, except the middle. Our whole town's roads are covered with water! We creep home having to be creative on the roads. Now How are we going to get all the walmart bags in! OK, everyone grabs what we can, yes in the rain, and start to walk for the front door. Walking ever so carefully, I am almost there when Kaka yells "I'm sinking". Her foot has sunk a little in the mud, daddy helps her and all is well. Or is it! I come to the same spot, not knowing because it is dark and raining, and sink down also! OH!!! As I walk in the house I yell "take off your shoes by the door". The lights get turned on and guess what: Yes they took their shoes off but there feet were muddy and now the carpet and floors are a mess! Looking out the window I could see why: The grass less yard has turned into one big mud pie! ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Love homeschooling!

Have I stated this before, well I will say it again: I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!
This morning my girls woke up and decided that they wanted to make muffins for breakfast. Who else but homeschoolers, can take the time and bake before we hit the books. Kaka baked banana nut muffins, and Janelle made chocolate chip. They love to cook so why not! By the way, they are the best muffins I have eaten in a long time. Maybe I am being partial, but who knows :)

We have been at it for almost 2 weeks and boy has this yr, been fun! 7th grade math is: yuck!! But don't tell Janelle I said that. English 7 is wow! Did I have to learn about modifiers? lol Good thing we are taking it slow. With math and English, I have figured out that if we cover 4 lessons a week we are on track. Its a good thing for us, since we are having to redo some lessons until it "sticks". Kalyn is doing well. Some days she decides not to read right so we are doing some timed reading. If we try to see how many words she can read in a minute, that pushes her to try harder and then she reads better.
Well it is time to hit the books, so until later.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

we have finished our 1st mini lapbook

Here we are at the beginning of making our first lapbook. (which I am calling Mini lapbooks). She is having a blast!

Today we finished it!
We did a character trait lesson on Loyalty. I combined the Canadian Goose with it. We learned how the goose is a loyal parent and mate. Did you know that when a snow storm comes, instead of leaving there eggs a mommy goose will die to keep them warm and safe. Now that is loyalty!!
I used the story of Ruth in the Bible to show how she was loyal to Naomi, her mother in law.
Kalyn had a blast learning about how to be loyal. What trait will be next week? hummmm

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School!!

As I am typing my girls are hard at work! We have started our first day of school. They are having fun working in their new books. Janelle ,who is in 7th this year ,has a full load on her. But I am confident that she will be able to handle it all! Kalyn, my 3rd grader, is having to get back into the groove of things. She will come around by the end of this week! This morning has been a great blessing for me. It has reminded me of why I homeschool my girls. Well the morning is almost over, and we have gotten quiet a bit done. What a great start to the year!
Happy Homeschooling!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My work boxes.

All right, I seen these work boxes on another blog and told her that I was stealing here idea. So here is what I came up with. I have put all their assignments in each file, and an assignment sheet with it. Here is the picture of the assignment sheet I have made up.

Each day they will do each assignment in the order it is in. Below is a picture of the workboxes I have made for them. All of the work is in there, and I hope it will be easier to keep track of all their work and all they need to do for the week. All there work will be graded and put in their binders.

This year should be more organized and we will not have work everywhere!

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