Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beautiful Show in the Sky

As we drove home last evening, we were greeted with a beautiful show in the sky. The sky shown wonderful flashes of lights. We could see them for miles and miles. My hubby decided that he needed pictures of it. So he took out his cell phone, while driving, and started to try to capture the show. My daughter states that her phone viv camera could take better pictures, so we we go with two trying to take pictures, and me holding the wheel from the passager side, just in case hubby gets side track with the lights. Wait could it be!! RAIN hitting the windshield. I have completely forgot what that looks like. Yes, it is rain. Wow! Now we are driving in the rain still trying to capture the beautiful show of lights in the sky. I know crazy!! But what can you say, it has been so long since we have seen lights in the sky, and rain. Hubby finally captures one picture and whooo, now we can concentrate on the road. DD has long ago given up on getting a good picture. By now, it is raining so hard that hubby is driving slow, (50mph) and I am in awe at all the water that has gathered on the side of the road. It seemed to just come form nowhere! As we enter the edge of town, we notice that water has covered all of the road, except the middle. Our whole town's roads are covered with water! We creep home having to be creative on the roads. Now How are we going to get all the walmart bags in! OK, everyone grabs what we can, yes in the rain, and start to walk for the front door. Walking ever so carefully, I am almost there when Kaka yells "I'm sinking". Her foot has sunk a little in the mud, daddy helps her and all is well. Or is it! I come to the same spot, not knowing because it is dark and raining, and sink down also! OH!!! As I walk in the house I yell "take off your shoes by the door". The lights get turned on and guess what: Yes they took their shoes off but there feet were muddy and now the carpet and floors are a mess! Looking out the window I could see why: The grass less yard has turned into one big mud pie! ;)

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