Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Love homeschooling!

Have I stated this before, well I will say it again: I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!
This morning my girls woke up and decided that they wanted to make muffins for breakfast. Who else but homeschoolers, can take the time and bake before we hit the books. Kaka baked banana nut muffins, and Janelle made chocolate chip. They love to cook so why not! By the way, they are the best muffins I have eaten in a long time. Maybe I am being partial, but who knows :)

We have been at it for almost 2 weeks and boy has this yr, been fun! 7th grade math is: yuck!! But don't tell Janelle I said that. English 7 is wow! Did I have to learn about modifiers? lol Good thing we are taking it slow. With math and English, I have figured out that if we cover 4 lessons a week we are on track. Its a good thing for us, since we are having to redo some lessons until it "sticks". Kalyn is doing well. Some days she decides not to read right so we are doing some timed reading. If we try to see how many words she can read in a minute, that pushes her to try harder and then she reads better.
Well it is time to hit the books, so until later.

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