Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A trip down Memory Lane

I have been so very busy lately, that I have just not had time to sit here and write…


Sorry About that!


Since we are on our third week of our school year, I started thinking back to 8 years ago when

our Homeschooling Adventure started.


Kalyn was in the 2nd grade, Janelle 6th…. time has flown by!

Kalyn is now in the 8th  grade and Janelle will be graduating this year!


I remember those early  not being able to get things done around the house during those school hours, because I was needed to teach.

Now, I am not that needed… and to be honest….  I miss those early days!

  Sad smile


My girls already know the routine.  They don’t really need to be reminded all that much anymore…

To be completely honest… I feel a little left out! HaHa!


This Mama is dealing with some growing pains!


My girls have turned into independent learners… that was the point I was trying to teach

them from the beginning.


I am thrilled they are excelling at their studies!


I have enjoyed the years of schooling… I have seen my youngest just blossom.

Where she once had trouble with Math.. she is now excelling!  She has just blown me away!


Our adventure is almost at its end.. before I know it.. both girls will be done…

I tend to enjoy each and every day I have left homeschooling them!


Take time and enjoy your little ones, while they are still young.. because before

you know it.. time has flown by.. and they are graduating!


Happy Homeschooling everyone!




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