Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beginning of the Adventure

If you have been thinking about homeschooling,
you may be very confused or even overwhelmed
by it all.

At the beginning of any adventure, you must have
a plan of some sort.

If you are going on an extended hike, you must plan
your  hike.  You must have the necessary equipment
to have a successful trip.

Its the same way in homeschooling...

Do you know how long you plan to be on this adventure?

What proper equipment will you need?

What goals do you want to accomplish while homeschooling?

Having a plan is only the beginning of your

Few tips for making your plan...

1.  Make sure you know your state's homeschool laws.

Each state has different laws dealing with homeschooling... so
learn your state's rules and regulations for homeschooling.
2.  Decide when or at what age, you want to begin.
Some parents begin homeschooling at pre k age.. 3 or 4 yrs old.
Some parents wait until their child is 5 yrs old to begin..
You decide when you feel your child is ready to begin
this adventure with you.
 If your child is already in school... do you want them
to finish the year out...or begin now?

3. Decide on your curriculum

With so many different curriculum to choose from, this can
be the most difficult step.
Some choose boxed curriculum, some like planning and
making there own. 
My tip is to read reviews others have written. 
Try one out, if it does not work for your family, than
search for another one.
I can tell you that I have been though a few different curriculum before I found what my girls excelled at.

4. Begin making a schedule

I always find it easier if we have a schedule. 
 Making and sticking with a schedule will make your
homeschooling days much easier.

There will be some days when things will not go
as planned... even with your schedule.
Don't stress.. just keep trying.

5. Lesson Plans

Write out lesson plans!  It helps keep you organized.
Make list of things you want to do and accomplish
for the day, week, month...
If there are games, websites, etc that you want
to play or visit.. list it...
Writing lesson plans will help you remember all
those fun things you want to do..
and your child will not get bored...since you are
organized and you have everything you need for the day or even week.

 This is just the beginning of your

Happy Homeschooling!


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