Monday, April 9, 2012

Independence Day: Book Review

Graduation Day Is Independence Day!
It's the day you've been waiting for. The day you graduate. The day you declare your independence. The beginning of a bright future where you are finally the one in charge of choosing your job, your classes, your career--your life. But there's more to independence than getting to choose what you want to do.
While graduation brings new freedom, it also brings a whole new world filled with both opportunity and temptation. In Independence Day, bestselling author Michael DiMarco shares stories from his own rocky transition from high school to adulthood in order to help grads appreciate long-awaited freedoms, manage temptation, and make the most of new opportunities.
At this moment you have the chance to change your finances, your future, and your entire world. Michael DiMarco shows you how to do it with your eyes wide open.
"DiMarco writes with a perceptive grasp of the struggles that will face graduates as they leave the security of academia and his honest, but entertaining style will appeal to the fresh-out-of-high-school or -college crowd. . . . Independence Day is an obvious choice for a parent or other concerned adult to present at that milestone occasion, but they would be missing out if they didn't read it themselves, as well."--CBA Retailers+ Resources

This book is a must have for every young person Graduating!  Micheal Di Marco gives the reader much to think about while reading  Independence Day.  This little book makes a great gift for your Graduates.  In this book you will read and answer questions about your new founded freedoms, those temptations we all know young people face, and opportunity.  This is a great book with tons of great advice for  young people, young adults alike.

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