Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Dog and the Little Girl

The Dog and the little Girl
by Kalyn Dunning @2011

The little girl is named Monday.  Her dad bought her a dog named Adam.  Then her Dad bought her a cat but she did not like it, so her dad sold it for $10.00.  The little girl got the money. 
But then her dog got sick and then her dad got a doctor for the dog.  The dog got better.  Monday got sick and the doctor got sick. Little Monday got better.  But then dad got sick and the doctor sent some letters to some doctors and the doctors came to the house.  The dad, the dog, and little Monday  all got better.

The dog ( this must have happened later) had three puppies.  We named them Spacer, Champ, and Princess.
Monday had a baby girl. (apparently she got married) and she is two years old.

( are my comments!)

I am proud of her.  She is working on her writing skills and she wrote  all by herself.... without it having to be an assignment!
I have not proofed it...just copied how she wrote it.

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