Monday, December 9, 2013

My journey to become a Healthier Me!


Back in May, I blogged about becoming a Healthier me.

I can not believe how unhealthy I really was! I thought that if I just lost some weight, I would feel better and that would be the end of it.

That my friend was before I read a book called


Scan_Pic0002 ed


I really don’t like it.. really I hate this picture.  I never seen myself as big as I really was.

I had a friend post on Facebook the success she was having with THM (trim healthy mama).  I thought to myself I need to read this book and see what its all about!

So I broke down and paid a whopping $35.00 plus shipping for it. ( I have never in my life paid that much for a book before.. but it has been money well spent and worth every penny.)

I decided to read it and try to put into practice the principals taught by this two wonderful sisters.

In the beginning, I did have moments of doubt.  I thought how can I eat chocolate candy, cheese, butter, rice, beans, and a whole lot of other things be good for me.. and help me loose weight?

I learned that it is how I eat them that helps you loose weight and become healthy.  To be honest, I thought most of the food I ate was healthy.. I learned that some were and some were not… my combinations had to change.

In Trim Healthy Mama, you are taught to eat what are called S meals, E meals, and Full Pull meals.  The principals work!

(I really can go into deep details about the book, but it would be too long of a post for your reading.. believe me there is a ton of information that would make your mind spin.)

As my friend says… “The proof is in the pudding!”

This journey has not been easy.. I had to learn (and still am) how to rethink my food prep, cooking it, and my meals all together.

I started slow, doing one meal at a time.. and before I knew it, I was just shedding the pounds.

Next thing I knew, my aches and pains where gone.  I could see my ankles, walk without pain, and just function like a normal person again.

After almost 9 months, I can say I am a healthier me!  This journey has been fun!  I am not completely where I want to be with my weight yet.. but I have completed the goal I set for myself for this year.

I told myself beginning this, that I wanted to loose 56 pounds before December 31, 2013… I DID IT!


If you think that you can’t lose weight or get healthy…..

you really should take a look at Trim Healthy Mama.

You may just be surprised… I was!


Here’s to your Health!






  1. Yay for you! I've lost about 50, 30 of it THM. You're inspiring!
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Thanks Laura! I can't remember when I have enjoyed life so much as I have this past year!


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