Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Remake of the Family Favorite


My family loves Gumbo! Especially in this cold weather.  I love Gumbo too.. my only problem.. its not on my eating plan.

 My daughter made the statement “there are some things that you cannot THM (trim healthy mama)”.  Well, I set out to prove her wrong!



I made a trim healthy version of the family recipe,  Gumbo. 

I have to say a great big thanks to my friend Jennifer.. she posted her gumbo on Facebook.  I asked her a few questions about  the type of flour she used for her roux. I took it from there.

When I make gumbo I usually  make enough for two meals.  Gumbo is best the next day!  This recipe is for two full meals for my family.  I make it in a big 12 quart soup pot. 


                           My families Gumbo:

For the Roux:

1/2 cup of almond flour

1 cup of melted coconut oil

cook on low to med heat  until it’s a nice dark brown  color (the color of  a penny)

While your roux is cooking… chop 2 medium onions very small, 2 bell pepper small, and  the center stalks of celery.. or you can do what I do and puree them in the blender with water. ( My family does not like to see the veggies!)

3 to 5  lbs of chicken breast, chopped into large chunks

1 lbs of beef sausage, sliced

10 to 12 cups of chicken broth

Cajun seasoning ( I use Tony’s brand seasonings)


gumbo file’ seasoning

Gluccie  (optional)


After your roux is a nice brown, copper color add your veggies, chicken, and broth.  Add your Cajun seasoning and salt.  Now let it cook. I cook for an hour or more.. the longer it cooks the better it taste. The longer it cooks the oils will come to the top of the pot and you can skim it off.

After awhile add your sausage.. continue to cook until chicken is tender or until  you decide it has enough.

Right before serving add gumbo file’ to taste.  Add some gluccie to it if you like your gumbo thicker.

I served it over brown rice for a crossover for my family.  I ate it without rice for a yummy S meal.

I also served it with potato salad for the family… I made myself “fotato “ salad!




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