Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Haven

Summer is winding down in the Dunning household. 

With one more week of freedom, I have a one more
book to let you know about.

The Haven by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is book 2 in the Stoney Ridge Seasons Series.

Sadie Lapp returns home after visiting Julia and Roman.  She is still unsure what she wants to do with her life.  Gideon Smucker  is in love with her but Sadie does not know what she feels about him.

Sadie walks home with a huge surprise.... a baby!
Many of the community begin talking.. ... Did Sadie have a baby, and that's why she left and has now returned? 

Sadie does not take to kindly to everyone's talking... even Gideon
has his questions... 
During all this Sadie finds herself with another admirer ... Will Stoltz... a college student sent to the Lapp farm to baby sit some endangered peregrine falcons.

This was a great book!  I love it... I laughed so much, my girls kept asking me what was so funny.

My all time favorite character is M.K. she just gets herself into so much trouble..even though she is trying to "help".

Be for warned ... once you read this book.. you will want the next.

Happy Reading everyone.


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  1. Hi Shelby! Thank you so much for your review of "The Haven" and for being on the blog tour. Glad you enjoyed M.K.! I think you'll like the next book in the series (Lesson). It starts with a bang. Literally! Hope you'll be on that blog tour, too. Warmly, Suzanne


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