Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer fun....

I  just realized today that I have posted anything in a while.  We have been keeping ourselves busy this last month.  IN the beginning of July, the girls and I headed off to youth camp.  I can not tell you what a blessing that week was for me!  As a parent, you always pray that your children would have their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You teach them the word, but they have to make that choice themselves.  I was blessed to see that my girls were getting "in" and getting something from the Lord.   On service that stands out is when Bro. Michael Tom preached about the "old boat church"... One point he made clear, stay in a church that is going it feed you spiritual!  Don't settle for a church that will entertain you.... to many people want entertainment.  He had all of the youth get up and come on the platform who wanted to get in the "old boat church"!  EVERYONE OF THOSE YOUTH RAN.... yes  I said RAN to that platform!  The Lord moved mightily in that service.    I could go on and on about that week, but for the sake of time I will not. 
We came home on Friday evening and my husband told me that we would be able to move out to were he worked in just a few days.  I knew we would be moving, but I did not know the exact time and place it would be taken place, so as you can imagine... I Had to get on the ball and start packing!
We were able to move the last weekend of July... just a few days ago...  That was an adventure of its own!
First let me say, that we are in need of rain... very much in need of rain.  Well,  on the day we were to move, we had a chance of it, so we decided to "hurry" (as if you can) and move all of our stuff.  We did load one, and all was going good.  But driving to the ranch with load two... it started to sprinkle.  I started to pray hard that it would just hold off for a few more minutes.... I had my electric piano in the back of the truck and I did not need nor want it to get rained on!  The Lord answered my prayer... it did not start to rain until I had my piano in the house!  We got wet and our stuff was wet, but we were able to get it all in the house during the rain....  what memories! 

We are now living on a ranch of about 9000 arces.  We are loving the peacefulness of country life.  We have inherited some 14 or so cats!  Some are wild, but the kittens my girls are playing with... so we will try to find them a home.    Do you know anyone who wants a cat? 

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