Monday, January 20, 2014

You can always learn new things….


I just finished my first THM Fuel Cycle! Yay! 


I managed to stay on course the whole two weeks.

It was not easy.. but I did it!

I learned a few things about me while on FC.

1. I eat and prepare to many heavy S meals.

2. I love deep S meals and dishes.

3. I love the all those recipes that I never tried  before from THM book.

4. I WAS GRAZING  Surprised smile  and did not really realize it.

5. I need to measure my ingredients.  I am an eye ball kind of measurer.. I need to get out those measuring spoons!

6. I need to switch up my meals more often. 


every three hours.. I can wait!

8. Keeping a food journal helps me know what I’m eating and how my

weight loss is affected.

9. I need to EXCERISE! I am not one that likes to exercise, but I need to make myself  do it… 3 to 4 times a week!

10. I can live without cheese… its hard.. but I can do it.

11. I love Carbs, but I need to not overeat them.  Growing up eating rice, beans, and potatoes each day was wonderful, but its not helpful to overeat them.

12. I need to WATCH my portions.  Portion control is EVERTHING!

13.  All those yummy salad dressings that I thought were on plan, have tons of hidden sugars!  Read labels girl! LOL …

I had a wonderful two weeks, that opened my eyes to things that can help me lose these last needed pounds. I can’t wait until the next FC!



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