Monday, September 12, 2011

Blue skies Tomorrow

I just received an email from my publisher asking if I had posted this review.  I knew I read and love the book, so I went searching my post.... Come to find out I completely  forgot to write a review!  I am So So sorry!

So without further adue:
MY Review!

Blue Skies Tomorrow is the third book in the Wings of Glory Series written by Sarah Sundin.  Helen Carlisle is a widow with a young boy.  She throws herself into volunteering for the war efforts to cover up her feelings.  She is a prisoner of sorts to her husbands family.    She is keeping secrets that no one knows about and it is all she can do to not tell.  Ray enters her life and boom... she starts to think she has a way out..... only if she was braver...

For the life of me, I kept trying to find out what kind of secret Helen was carrying.... I never saw it coming!
This is a great story about love, trials, friendships......  You will not want to put it down, believe me! 

Get it at your favorite book store today!

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  1. Shelby - thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm glad you enjoyed Ray & Helen's story.


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