Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saving Money

I love to find money saving tips.  A few weeks ago, I decided to find ways to save money any way I could.  I made my own laundry soap, and fabric softener.  Yes, some would say that it is just easier to go to the store and buy these items.  Well, I found out that I can save money by making them. 

It is so easy to make that I wonder why I never thought of it myself. My aunt told me to try it and that I would never go back to buying my laundry stuff again.  I think she may just be right! 

So here is my fabric  softener ingredients:  water, vinegar, conditioner.   That's it! Never thought it would be that easy.  It cost me only $1.85 to make.  A saving of $3.00!  Now, if that is not saving money than I don't know what is.

My laundry soap cost $2.00 to make with a savings of $5.00 or more if you use higher priced laundry soap than I did.

I know that some may think me crazy, some of my family included, but a dollar saved better than non saved at all!

What are some ways that you save money?  Please share them with me!


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