Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We made homemade Bread!

Kalyn is reading about the pioneer days in her history reader. I thought it would be fun to make some bread. I told her that the pioneers did not have a store to go to buy bread. Here is some of our pictures of our fun time baking bread. Janelle joined us, and I had her read the recipe and follow it by herself. Her bread did not rise, but hey she did it on her own and making bread does take time to learn. I think some skill may be involved with bread making.

Here are a few Pictures of Kalyn working hard. I think she enjoyed getting her picture taken more than working!

Janelle working on her bread.

Our finished bread!

This has turned out to be a great rainy day project. I made a beef stew to go along with our homemade bread. Boy, do they love it!


  1. Yummy :) Did yall make homemade butter also :)

  2. no, I thought about it but was too lazy!lol we will have to do it though.


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