Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy Chicken Recipe

Some of our homeschooling days can get very busy.
We get caught up in our lessons that 
lunch just creeps up on us.
I can always rely on the girls to remind me that its
time for lunch.

(Lunch is when I make our "big" family meal.)

I am glad that I always have an easy stand by in the pantry for
days like this!

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

Its easy,quick and cheap! 

All you need is:
 Alfredo Sauce
Frozen Broccoli florets
Angle Hair Pasta

Add some garlic bread or toast and 

In no time... you have a great (easy) lunch your 
family will enjoy! 

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

1 jar of Alfredo sauce
1 bag of frozen Broccoli florets
1 cup milk
Angel hair pasta (enough for your family)
 2 to 4 Boneless Chicken breast or thighs  ( I use chicken breast.) 

Cube Chicken and brown.  Season to taste.  Once the Chicken is cooked add the frozen broccoli to the pot. Add water to steam the broccoli.  Steam for 5 minutes. Turn down the heat to low and stir in Alfredo sauce.  Pour one cup of milk to sauce jar and shake.  Add to pot.  Let it simmer just until it begins to heat the sauce.  Your done!

Add your cooked pasta to the heated Alfredo sauce.

* I  only just 3 chicken breast for my family, but this all depends upon the 
size of the chicken when it comes out of the bag!


  1. Yum! I recently learned how to make alfredo myself. It's definitely not the easiest sauce to make, you have to watch it closely to make sure you don't curdle the dairy! Great blog :)

    Desiree' with Life with our Family

  2. I have made my own sauce a time or two. I love to keep the cheap store bought stuff on hand for days like this... It makes life a whole lot easier during those busy days.

  3. I love easy, chicken recipes, Thanks!!!!

  4. Now this looks like something my daughter would eat. She's been very picky lately and pasta is a favorite! Thanks!

  5. Karen I have a very picky daughter also... she literary jumps up and down when she finds out this is for lunch! Best of all she even eats the broccoli in it with no trouble at all... have to get those veggies in some way.

  6. Yummy! That looks amazing. I've found that having a few, quick "back up" meals has made me not even want take out. When I was pregnant, I craved fish but rarely felt like cooking. My husband was so sweet and picked up dinner a few times, but then I realized that the cost of take-out was about three times more than it would cost for a tilapia dinner.

    After that, I kept tilapia on hand and when I felt like I just couldn't cook, threw a few filets in the oven. Much cheaper and MUCH healthier.

    Thanks for linking up at at Thrifty Thursday!

  7. Thank you for sharing your recipe at Thrifty Thursday! I'm saving this one to make for husband comes home for lunch so I can't just make pb and j every day --ha ha!

  8. Jenn, I know what your saying. My husband is home for lunch everyday too.. I can get by with sandwiches or something light for dinner but lunch..NO WAY...haha!


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