Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's Book Review: Small Space Organizing

If you are living in a small home, or have organizing  issues, this book is for you.

Kathryn gives a room by room organization tips and hints.  At the end of each chapter, you are given lots of 
resources for products to help with all of that organization.  Its an easy to read, easy to understand book. 
This is one book that I am going to have to keep and refer to every time I have an organization 

With a few tricks up your sleeve, small can be the new big!
While we may admire the spacious rooms in large homes we see in magazines or on TV, let's face it: most of us don't live in rambling estates. Instead, we live in homes, apartments, or condos with small rooms and even smaller closets. But you can enjoy an organized, beauty-filled life no matter what the size of your space. In this practical book, you'll learn how to
  • perform a room-by-room audit of your space to see if it's functioning at its best
  • make the most of existing storage space and find clever ways to add more
  • find creative ways to arrange furnishings and accessories that maximize space and bring harmony and style to the home
  • live graciously in a small space with others (especially those who aren't organized!)
Whether you're an empty nester who's downsizing, a newlywed setting up your first nest, or someone who just needs some creative new ideas, you'll love these strategies, tips, and solutions to maximize space and enhance your quality of life.


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