Monday, November 10, 2014

Rainy Weather Equals Soup

The weather has turned cold (well cold for South Texas) and its been raining.

I mean its rained for a few days straight making this gal cold and in need of warm food.

I remember as a child when it got cold my mother would always make a huge pot of

veggie soup.  It would last us days… yes days!

She would add every kind of veggie she had.  She never had meat in it.. just a little salt pork for flavoring.

As kiddos, we would just eat it up with crackers.. it was warm comfort food!


I decided to change this old childhood favorite a little..

making it…

Chicken veggie Soup



There’s not really any measurements for this recipe.  You just add what you have!

Oh, and before I forget…..  I MADE THIS IN MY CROCKPOT!


This is what I  did:

I placed a whole cut up chicken in the crockpot.

Added water to fill it up..

Cut up some onion, celery, and a few carrots (2)… added them in.

Salt and pepper


Turned on high and let it cook…

( I left the house, went to work.. came home 6 hours later)

An hour before I served it up, I :

cut and washed a fourth head of cabbage, sliced, and added to the chicken.

Added a bag of frozen green beans…

tasted to see if it needed more salt or pepper… added a little more..

Then added a small amount of Dreamfield pasta..

( my mamma  always added noodles to hers)


30 minutes later it was ready to eat!




Yummy, comforting S meal!







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