Thursday, November 6, 2014

Easy ways to Succeed as a Trim Healthy Mama



When I first began my Trim Healthy journey, I found myself always in the kitchen.

Now I love to cook and create wonderful recipes, but spending all my time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning is not my idea of fun.

But succeeding was not a choice for me. This was something I had to do for my health! 

I have found the following tips have helped me succeed… and the best part..  its kept me out of the kitchen!



Plan, Plan, Plan

Yes, Planning is the key to Success!

I have some friends that tease me about my menu planning, and all the planning I do when I am going to be gone.

But for me.. it has been the one thing that has helped me stay one plan for all this time.

If I know I will be gone.. I plan where or what I will eat.

I am known for bringing  food with me anywhere I go.. ha-ha!

I might even share with my fellow THM. Winking smile



Tweak those Family Favorites

When I first began, I found out that some of our family favorites were almost on plan.

So the tweaking began!

Baked Chicken with green beans and mash taters was one of my first tweaks.

Easy right?  All I had to do was change to fotatoes… a success for everyone!

Now, go tweak those family favorites!




  Prepare more than one  at a time.

I don’t own a microwave.  I use my oven for all my muffins and breads.

They taste better out of the oven than in the microwave to me anyway.. but

if I am going to get out all those ingredients for a muffin in a mug.. I’m going to make a few in a muffin pan.

I place them in the freezer or fridge to keep.  Now I just have a snack I can grab when I need one.

I do this also for my overnight oats, gluccie puddings, and  chia puddings.

It takes just a few minutes of my time, but is so worth it!




30 minute meals

Yes, 30 minute meals are so wonderful!  Many of THM’s meals can be done

with in 30 minutes.  Most of the time I don’t have time to make time consuming meals.

I love to stick with easy meals that are done in 30 minutes.





Keeping it Simple

Simplifying my meals and snacks have been  a life saver to me.

Simple lunches like leftovers, lettuce wraps, raw carrots, etc.…

Some of my favorite snacks are Wasa crackers with laughing cow cheese and a piece of turkey breast.

Keeping things simple … 

It makes life so wonderful!





These are just a few things that has helped me succeed in my journey.

What are some of yours?

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