Monday, February 27, 2012

Words Spoken True... book review

Words Spoken True
by Ann H. Gabhart

* This book was given to me by Baker Publishing group to read and review.*

Meet Adrian Darcy.  She loves the newspaper business.  And why not, she was raised working hand in hand with the editor, her father.
She can't wait for that next story. 
Just a problem, She is a lady... and 
the newspaper business is not a proper place for a lady to work. 
Adrian has other issues that she must face; her father wants her to marry Stanley Jimson.  Its all set, even though Adrian was never asked.  

Meet Blake Garrett, a young editor of the Herald.  Adrian's rival.
Adrian and Blake both are on the trail to get the scoop... who will be the first to publish the facts.  It's a newspaper war of words.

The town is in the middle of chaos, ladies fearing to go out at night; Men in the Know nothing party getting all riled up for the election. 

This story has so much action, that it will keep you on the edge of your sit!   I enjoyed reading this... loved the action, loved the laughter... 

You will be surprised by the ending, I know I was... but I think that is what made the story.  

Great Book!  Now what are you waiting for... go get your copy today!

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