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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My title should tell you to be ware, this post may get ugly! LOL....
Yesterday, I was on my husbands desktop computer doing my daily typing for him... I finished printing the His paper and  then decided that since my girls were quietly working on their school work, I would just go and lay down and rest my eyes.
When I got up, I found out that the computer monitor was not on, so I tryed to get it on.... to no avail... it would flicker than turn black again.

A friend  was here and she gave me the suggestion to go on my laptop, and see if I can get a number to call for support.  Great Idea, why didn't I think of it!  
I log on to the website to find out that I can only chat with the support person, I can't call... no phone number listed.

I get on with a person, I am not even sure if it was a him or she, tell them my problem.  They proceed to agree with me that it is my monitor.  I do what they tell me and yeah... it is working.... so i disconnect with them.
NOT TEN MINUTES is black again.
so i get on chat again.... this time I get a total different person and they tell me it is my system! 
It takes me forever ( am I mean forever typing with them) to convince them that it is my monitor...which they don't get it....
So I decide to get the monitor off my girls computer and put it on my hubby's computer....
I tell them that the computer is working fine  and it is just the monitor....

Let me back up a minute... the first person I spoke to told me that my monitor was under warranty... so I am thinking great.... I just need them to get someone to fix it...

This 2nd person just tells me that it is the driver,and  install this up date and everything will be fine... she disconnects with me.....k

well, I can't get the thing to down load and  I KNOW THAT IT IS MY MONITOR....NOT MY SYSTEM!
I get back on chat for the 3rd time.... this person proceeds to tell me that my system is out of warranty so my monitor is out of warranty... I tell her no, that the first person I chatted with told me other wise...
She then proceeds to tell me that if it was under warranty that she would schedule someone to fix it...
she disconnects with me!

I am so frustrated with support services that don't give you someone to talk to.... just have to chat with people!
I like talking to people one on one....

All I wanted to know in the first place is if my monitor was under warranty still..... I think they should know that we as consumers do know what is going on.... hey, I have had a monitor go out on me before so I knew what was going on...

What I don't like is been given the run around, wasting my precious time.... for nothing!

Just tell me if I am under warranty, if I am ... help me solve the problem, If I am not... ok then....

So now, we have to buy another monitor... no biggy really.... at least I don't have to purchase a new system.

I just wish that you could call people for support and not have to deal with online chat!

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