Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Dawn of a Dream

The Dawn of a Dream by Ann Shorey

This book was given to me by Baker Publishing Group, as part of their Book Blogging Tour.

You can find more information about this book HERE!

Luellen O'Connell is stunned when her husband of just one month tells her he is leaving--and his reason devastates her. Deeply wounded by his betrayal, Luellen decides to follow her dream to become a teacher, a desire she had set aside when she married. But can she truly hide her past? Or will it destroy her ambitions forever?

This book is an easy read.  I enjoyed reading every word of it.  Luellen was a young lady with  a dream.... to become a teacher.  I loved how the author, Ann showed how a young lady during that era of time, would have to struggle to accomplish what she wanted.  Being just a woman was struggle enough during those times, but to have to deal with what Luellen had to and still come out the victor makes my heart feel blessed. 

Ann Shorey wrote a masterpiece (in my opinion) on the struggles and victories one can accomplish if you set your mind to it.

I can say again how much I enjoyed reading this book.   The one thing I loved most about this book is that I can let my teenager read it. I am very careful of what I allow my girls to read, even if it is a "Christian Published" book,  It's a rated G book!!!  There is nothing that I would deem inappropriate for a teenager. Who knows, this book just might encourage  her to follow her dreams!

By the way you can  find an excerpt here.  You can also click here for a study guide.

Take time to read!
Happy Reading everyone,

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  1. Hi Shelby, Thank you so much for your review of The Dawn of a Dream! So glad you saw the possiblity of your daughters being inspired to follow their own dreams. I hoped when I wrote the story that it would have that effect on readers!


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