Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Trim and Healthy Goulash

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I recently became a working mom.  I work in a daycare where they have delish looking and smelling food cooked fresh daily.  I mean its not your warm and heat type thing…. but sadly its all of plan for this THM. Yesterday, they served Goulash.  It smelled and looked so good.  I just had to come home and make some.

I don’t know why I have not made this before.. its so easy, simple and a one pot meal… which in this home is a win, win for the dish washers (aka… my girls).



There are many ways you can round out this meal.  One Make it an S by serving a low carb veggie side or salad. ( I love green beans with bacon.) Another way is an E.  I have a quick and easy sprouted garlic bread recipe that the family loves.. add these to this goulash and bam… a Fabulous E!

Anyway you look at it.. it’s a great and wonderful fast meal the family will enjoy!



Trim and Healthy Goulash


2 lbs. ground turkey

1 box Dream field elbow noodles

1 can diced tomatoes with basil, garlic, and oregano

2 small cans of tomato sauce

1 tablespoon dried onion

2 teaspoon garlic powder

salt, pepper to taste

2 teaspoons or to taste Cajun Seasoning (I use Tony’s Cajun Seasonings)

2 cups water 



Brown your ground turkey in a large enough pot that is big enough for all the ingredients.  Drain and rinse for E… (leave as is if your doing S  Winking smile )

Add your seasonings, onion, garlic powder, tomato sauce and dice tomatoes to pot.

Stir to mix.  Add water, and the box of noodles.

Simmer until elbow noodles are done… about 10 to 15 mins.

Add more water if you need to  to finish cooking the noodles.



  1. Yummy!! This is a family favorite in our house :)

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