Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Trimiversary To ME!

I can not believe a year has passed since I began Trim Healthy Mamma.

As I looked at the pictures of me, I can not believe the change.

This Picture was me a few months before I started… Wow!

January weight loss before


I remember the feeling at a loss of what to do?  I knew I needed to do something to loose weight, and gain my health back. I remember asking my husband if we could afford Weight Watchers…I did not know if I could do it really. 

I had tried other things to loose weight, but I would get frustrated after a few weeks and give up.

When I saw a facebook post from a friend talking about Trim Healthy Mamma, I knew I needed to see what It was about.

I can tell you this, buying THM was money well spent!  It has paid for itself over and over again.


This journey to becoming a healthier me has been fun!


I love the way I am feeling these days… Yesterday I walked two miles without realizing it! A year ago, I would not have

been able to walk a half of mile without my legs cramping and my body hurting… or running out of breath.



I love that I can now squeeze myself in a small booth while eating out with the family.


I love that I get to shop for new clothing  every few months!


I love that I have energy! 


I love that I feel Healthier!


I love the THM food! I love to try all the new recipes that show up in the THM Support group on Facebook.


I love that I am never bored with the choices of food  I have to choose from… what am I going to eat today.. its always new and exciting!


one yr aniverary

(picture of me this morning!)

Most of all… I love that I have lost 69 lbs with THM!  (that last pound to 70 is being so stubborn!)


I started out as a size 20 – 22 Woman’s… now I am in a Misses size 12!



I still have a few more pounds to loose to get to my weight goal…. but this has been so much fun, I know I will reach it before long!




Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you this morning… ok, this picture is kind of of funny looking but all well! LOL








  1. What an inspiration! What a new lease on life, right? Good for you and congratulations! Keep up the fabulous dedication to a healthy life!

  2. I have been on THM since March of 2013. I remember seeing your top photo on the board when you posted it months ago, wow what a change! Yay for you! I am at a weight I haven't seen since before 9 babies and feel SO much better. Still needing to lose about 10 or 15 but am amazed at where THM has gotten me.


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