Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Choosing the Right Curriculum

It's that time of year again...

It's when I start to look into buying next years curriculum.

I know that this is only March, but I love to get great deals
on used and new curriculum alike.


I always have a problem....

I always question.... 

Is this going to be the "right" choice for the girls.

How do I know that I am choosing the right curriculum for them.


I don't!

I have had some hits and misses along the way, but there are some
things that I have learned along the way.

1.     Will they be bored?

Yes, this is the first thing I ask myself.  I don't want them to be learning/
reading something that will have them bored to tears!  
Now, there is nothing I can do about Math and Language Arts.  
They have to know how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc...
They have to know how to use proper English... 
I can make sure that History and Science are fun and interesting!

2.   What Do They want to learn about next year?

I always want to know what do they want to learn about.  I then 
look for a curriculum to cover those topics.

3.  Do they want me to "teach" them ?

I have found that if I am the instructor and have inter action with them, 
they learn and comprehend better.  
I do do some independent learning with them, but with History , I have
found that they love the interaction... 
(this just took me a few yrs to learn btw)Smiley    

4.  The cost!

How much is all this going to cost me!  I am one that will not 
pay over a certain price for one subject... Now if 
I can use it for both my girls, than 
a high priced Curriculum, I may consider.

I have also learned that if one wants to learn American History, 
than the other one will be learning the same
thing.  I will buy each their own
curriculum for their grade... 
It makes it much easier to have to have one frame of mind on one subject 
than go from American History to World Geography and so on.

Let's keep MOM sane! Smiley  

How do you choose your curriculum? 
I would love to hear from you.

Happy Homeschooling, 


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