Sunday, October 4, 2009

With the First Quater almost over......

I am wondering what to do with the girls as a celebration. The girls have been working very hard and I would like to reward them. I would love to take them to a museum as a field trip this year. Maybe the museum and then dinner somewhere would be a great way to end the first quarter. With only two more weeks before the end, I better start planning!
Now on to what has been happening around here lately. We had too much excitement around here Thursday night, that when Friday morning came around we decided to take the day off and go shopping! We need to get away ( and go out of town). Small town life is suppose to be boring! Not here! AN old explosive box was found Thursday evening in the Public school (that is right in our back yard). With bomb squads, police and fire out and camping in our front yard, we were asked to leave for our safety. Of course we would leave, who knows what else was in there. well, we were able to get home again after midnight and tryed to go to bed, but who can when they are still out side walking around and had huge flood lights shinning in your windows....needless to say a shopping trip was what we needed Friday.
We had fun and found great deals on things , so all is well.


  1. Wow, that's a crazy story! How long had the explosive box been there?

  2. Who knows the school is very old and that is the reason they were remodleing! school was built in the 50's i think!


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