Saturday, December 28, 2013

Trim and Healthy Simple Menu Ideas


These are simple meals that I do with my family… Some are in the THM  book and some are not.  If you have any questions just ask.  I never measure anything when I cook unless I am giving it to some one.  I will be posting some of my own recipes on the blog soon… so look for them!


Egg Omelets with cheese and bacon, sausage, or ham

Muffin in a Mug from:

(she has lots of options to choose from.. I have even made these into waffles and drizzled a little Sugar free low cal syrup on them.)

S breakfast tacos : scramble one egg with cooked turkey sausage with fajita veggies on a low carb tortilla with cheese (cook with butter or coconut oil)

E breakfast tacos: use egg whites and do the same as above.. use coconut cooking spray!

Oatmeal: you can do the recipe from the book or (if your like me.. just use almond milk and cook like you have before, but use stevia to sweeten)

Stacy makes cents over night oatmeal

Breakfast Cobbler from (S)

0% Greek yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit , with a dash of vanilla and stevia to sweeten ( I use ½ cup of yogurt and ¼ cup of fruit)… I do this for a quick breakfast when needed… but not to often.


Chicken salad wraps (my recipe)

Chicken quesadilla on low carb tortilla

Taco salads with lavish chips and real cheese for S ( use only a half of lavish bread to stay with in S territory)

Chef Salads with plan approved dressing

Left overs from dinner

Sandwiches on plan approved pita bread


Hamburger- Broccoli Alfredo Casserole from Linda’s low carb menus and recipes  – S meal

Baked whole chicken seasoned to your liking… mashed cauliflower, with S frozen green beans (cooked with real bacon and onions, seasoned with garlic powder and salt) or any non starchy veggie of your choice.

Cheeseburger pie( THM Book)

Gwen’s Nest- Beef Stroganoff recipe E style

Beef and Broccoli Alfredo ( THM book)

Stove top grilled chicken breast with Mrs. Dash seasonings (cooked with coconut oil spray) served with non starchy veggies… or E veggies for an E meal ( I like to have a serving of sweet potato with it… great E meal)

Chicken Spaghetti Squash – My recipe … coming soon

Mock Potato soup from Linda’s Low Carb menus and recipes

Chicken Jambalaya (my tweaked THM recipe) E meal

Broiled bone in Chicken (my husband’s favorite) S meal- season chicken breast with salt and Tony’s Cajun seasonings… bake at 415 for 30 to 45 mins… until done… if the skin of the chicken is not crispy turn broiler on and crisp it… serve with non starchy veggies.  (S meal)

S Chili

Lavish bread pizza (great lunch idea too)


These are just a few of the items we eat at our house.  I hope they help some of you ladies beginning with THM.



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